Adaptive Se-Te Metathesis Controlled by Cucurbituril-Based Host-Guest Interaction

Cheng Liu, Zhiheng Zhang, Zhiyuan Fan, Chaowei He, Yizheng Tan, Huaping Xu

Chem. Asian J.2020, 15, 4321.

Regulating the reactivity and equilibrium of dynamic reaction is essential for adaptive chemistry and functional materials. Herein, cucurbituril-based host-guest interaction was embedded into the dynamic metathesis between diselenide and ditelluride to establish an equilibrium-adaptive system. In this system, cucurbit[6]uril (CB[6]) selectively bound with diselenide while cucurbit[7]uril (CB[7]) bound with not only diselenide but also ditelluride and exchange product. The dynamic nature of diselenide bond was locked after forming the inclusion complex with CB[6]. Based on this selective locking effect, the Se-Te products were reversed back to diselenide and ditelluride reactants, which was an equilibrium regulating process. Therefore, by combining CB[6]-based host-guest interaction and dynamic diselenide chemistry, the reactivity of diselenide bond and the equilibrium of Se-Te metathesis was successfully regulated.

Liu Cheng-Zhang Zhiheng-CAJ