Cation selective microcontact printing based on surface molecular imprinted layer-by-layer film

Zhihua Liu, Yu Yi, Huaping Xu, Xi Zhang, Thien Huynh Ngo, and Mario Smet

Adv. Mater., 2010, 22, 2689-2693.

Cation-selective microcontact printing (μCP) is achieved by the combination of a surface-molecular-imprinted layer-by-layer (SMILbL) films with μCP. The SMILbL film greatly enhances the charge selectivity of the imprinted-film-modified stamp and the PDMS stamp modified by the SMILbL film shows a high selectivity to multiply charged cations. The SMILbL-film-modified stamp can also be used for selective transfer of single-charged chemical species.

Liu ZH-Adv Mater