Dynamic Chemistry of Selenium: Se–N and Se–Se Dynamic Covalent Bonds in Polymeric Systems

Shaobo Ji, Jiahao Xia and Huaping Xu

ACS Macro Lett., 2016, 5, 78-82.

The application of selenium in the responsive polymer system and the enzyme mimic system have been well studied. Our group initiated this line of research in 2009 by first extending selenium chemistry to dynamic chemistry. In this article, the discovery, progress, and application of selenium-related dynamic covalent bonds will be introduced. The dynamic property of Se–N bond and Se–Se bond were revealed and have been applied in the polymer system as enzyme mimic and self-healing materials, respectively. Further studies that need to be done and potential application of selenium-related dynamic chemistry will also be discussed.

Ji SB ACS Macro Lett 2016