Dynamic Fluorescent Patterning Based on Visible-Light-Responsive Diselenide Metathesis

Jinyan Si, Peng Zhao, Jun Guan, Shaobo Ji and Huaping xu

Langmuir; 2022, 3813272

A diselenide bond, as a dynamic covalent bond, is a versatile tool to construct smart interfaces, which can respond to visible light. In this work, we used microcontact printing (μCP) to construct diselenide patterns on quartz substrates. Fluorescent patterns were obtained on the modified surfaces via the visible-light-induced diselenide metathesis reaction, which allowed the patterning process to be fast, dynamically erasable, and compatible with different fluorescent molecules including rhodamine B and boron-dipyrromethene (BODIPY) used in this work. A variety of analytical methods offered comprehensive evidence for the success of the printing of diselenides here. We further printed diselenide and disulfide intersecting stripes on one single quartz substrate layer by layer and introduced rhodamine B and BODIPY to obtain a multicolored pattern simultaneously. By taking advantage of their responsiveness to different wavelengths, the composite pattern of disulfides and diselenides could be erased by two stepwise stages. The fluorescent images of the modified substrate showed a good agreement with the pattern of the poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) stamp, indicating the methodology with a potential application for information storage.

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