Modular 3D shape programming method for multiple substrates

Yizheng Tan, Yiheng Dai, Peng Zhao, Cheng Liu*, Huaping Xu*

Matter; 2024, 7, 1117.

Modular strategy is specialized in universality, compatibility, and simplicity. Although previous strategies still rely on highly customized processes, our research uses modular design to improve the simplicity and compatibility of shape programming. The module we used has a predefined hexagonal shape, which is mass-producible and can be transferred to a 2D substrate to produce controllable deformation in situ through nonpattern stimuli. This process can be finished in seconds due to the great responsiveness of diselenide bonds and can be applied to different substrates for actuation and origami self-folding. Our research enables modular shape programming strategy without using any patterned stimuli and reveals the principle of how simple shape design of modules determines the pattern of stress, opening a new avenue for stress manipulation and shape programming.

tanyizheng matter