Nanotechnology in the Olympic Winter Games and Beyond

Chaowei He, Muqing Cao, Jianbing Liu, Zhuoxin Ge, Ruihao Zhou, and Huaping Xu

ACS Nano.; 202216, 4981.

Modern Olympics have increasingly benefited from the advancement of materials science. From February 4 to March 13, 2022, the whole world has witnessed spectacular Olympic Winter Games and Winter Paralympic Games held in Beijing, during which nanotechnologies are extensively applied and play indispensable roles in many aspects. Although these nanotechnologies appear in a very small length scale, they have provided tremendous support to all athletes with the pursuit of “faster, higher, stronger”. In this Article, we highlight several representative nanotechnologies applied in the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games including nanoscience in ice skating, wearable monitoring devices, skiing sports equipment, winter protection, and Olympic printing and discuss their physicochemical principles, unique significance for athletes and sports.