Polytelluoxane: A chalcogen polymer that bridges the gap between inorganic oxides and macromolecules

Yiheng Dai, Zhiheng Zhang, Mathias Daniels, Yu Bao, Jun Guan, Shenghan Zhang, Ruihao Zhou, Yizheng Tan, Lichen Liu, Hai Xiao, Shuxun Cui, Huaping Xu*

Chem20239, 2006.

In contrast to other main group elements, group VI elements are rarely observed to form long linear polymer main chains. We reported the synthesis and characterizations of polytelluoxane, a polymer with an inorganic main chain that constitutes tellurium and oxygen, which may bridge the gap between inorganic oxides and macromolecules. Polytelluoxane has a flexible Te–O backbone and can be facilely synthesized and further processed into macroscopic materials. Because of its unique molecular structure, polytelluoxane is a transparency ultraviolet protection optical material and reveals a photocatalytic activity comparable with commercial catalysts. Moreover, polytelluoxane exhibited effective closed-loop recyclability, with a recycle efficiency of approximately 90% and a recycle number exceeding 10. This work provided a prospective candidate for the development of flexible polymer devices and sustainable functional materials.