Functional polymer materials based on dynamic covalent chemistry

Cheng Liu, Yizheng Tan and Huaping Xu

Science China Materials.; 2022, 65, 2017.

In the past two decades, dynamic covalent chemistry has been greatly developed, which is mainly reflected in two aspects: 1. new dynamic covalent bonds (DCBs) are continuously discovered; 2. various DCBs have been introduced into polymer materials for different functions. These functional polymer materials have brought new opportunities for sustainable development. In this review, we provide an overview of various functions endowed by DCBs in polymer materials, including self-healing, chemical recycling, and shape controlling. Particularly, we pay much attention to the three-dimensional (3D) shape reconfiguration/programming, surface patterning, and reversible actuation. In addition, we also give the current issues, challenges, and opportunities on DCBs-containing materials and point out its developing directions in the future.

cheng liu