Selenium-containing nanoparticles synergistically enhance Pemetrexed & NK cell-based chemoimmunotherapy.

Shuojiong Pan, Tianyu Li, Yizheng Tan and Huaping Xu

Biomaterials; 2022, 280,121321.

NK cell-based immunotherapy and pemetrexed (Pem)-based chemotherapy have broad application prospects in cancer treatment. However, the over-expressed NK cell inhibitory receptor on the surface of cancer cells and the low cell internalization efficiency of Pem greatly limit their clinical application. Herein, we construct a series of selenium-containing nanoparticles to synergistically enhance Pem-based chemotherapy and NK cell-based immunotherapy. The nanoparticles could deliver Pem to tumor sites and strengthen the chemotherapy efficiency of Pem by seleninic acid, which is produced by the oxidation of β-seleno ester. Moreover, seleninic acid can block the expression of inhibitory receptors against NK cells, thereby activating the immunocompetence of NK cells. The in vitro and in vivo experiments reveal the potential chemo-enhancing and immune-activating mechanism of seleninic acid, emphasizing the promising prospects of this strategy in effective chemoimmunotherapy.