When Dynamic Diselenide Bonds Meet Dynamic Imine Bonds in Polymeric Materials

Muqing Cao, Peng Zhao, Cheng Liu, Jiahao Xia and Huaping Xu

Macromol. Rapid Commun.2022, 2200083.

In both natural and artificial functional systems, the cooperation betweendifferent dynamic interactions is of vital importance for realizing complicatedfunctions. Dynamic covalent bonds are one kind of relatively stable dynamicinteractions and have shown synergistic effect in natural systems such asfunctional proteins. However, synergistic interactions between differentdynamic covalent bonds in polymeric materials are still unclear. Herein,polymeric materials containing diselenide and imine bonds are prepared, andthen the synergistic effect between the two dynamic covalent bonds isquantitatively evaluated in typical processes of dynamic materials. The resultsreveal that dynamic covalent bonds show weak synergistic effect in thedegradation process and have strong synergistic effect in stress relaxationprocess. Therefore, introducing multiple dynamic covalent bonds in polymericmaterials can extensively enhance their dynamic properties.

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