Recent Progress in the Biological Applications of Reactive Oxygen Species-Responsive Polymers

Zhiyuan Fan, Huaping Xu

Polym. Rev., 2020, 60, 114-143.

Responsive polymeric materials that are sensitive to biological stimuli including temperature, pH, enzymes, or redox conditions have attracted research interest in recent years. Among these, reactive oxygen species (ROS)-responsive polymers are particularly appealing because of the special role of ROS in living organisms. ROS are the indicator and cause of certain diseases, and they are also important signaling molecules. ROS-responsive polymers could possess the following functions: drug carriers, ROS probes, or medications for certain ROS-related diseases. In this review, we analyze the progress about ROS-responsive polymers made in recent years and predict the future trends of ROS-responsive polymers from the above mentioned perspectives. Due to the limited scope of this review, some older articles are not covered here and are left for more comprehensive reviews.

Fan ZY Polym Rev