Selenium-Containing Supra-Amphiphiles

Wei Cao, Huaping Xu

Mater. Chem. Front., 20193, 2010-2017.

Supra-amphiphiles formed by noncovalent interactions are a versatile bottom-up fabrication strategy for functional soft materials. Selenium chemistry possesses many unique properties and selenium-containing polymers made by covalent synthesis have developed enormously in the past few decades. Supra-amphiphiles built on selenium-containing species offer more opportunities for functional systems without too many synthetic efforts. This review will give a brief overview of different types of selenium-containing supra-amphiphiles based on various driving forces. We will discuss structure–property–function relationships. The key question we want to address is how supra-amphiphile and selenium chemistry could impact research areas including controlled delivery, dynamic materials, tunable surfaces, nanomedicine, etc.

Cao W Materials Chemistry Frontier 2019