Selenium-containing Surface/interface Chemistry

Jiahao Xia, Huaping Xu

Chem. J. Chinese Universities, 2021, 42, 997.

Selenium is an essential element to human body. Our research group has recently revealed many unique features of selenium-containing bonds. For instance, diselenide bond has dual redox response, and it is also a type of dynamic bond which can undergo exchange reaction under visible light irradiation. Combing those interesting properties of selenium-containing bonds with surface/interface chemistry can endow system with unique responsive behaviors. This article reviews the recent progresses we made in the field of selenium-containing surface/interface chemistry. We used single molecule force spectroscopy to study the nature of selenium-containing bonds in the force point of view, and used interface chemistry to modulate the equilibrium of diselenide dynamic exchange reaction. Additionally, we achieved reversible surface modification, two- dimensional material functionalization and layer-by-layer nanocomposite film fabrication based on the redox and light response of diselenide bond, which may find potential applications in fields like biomedical research and liquid transfer.

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