Surface Modification Based on Diselenide Dynamic Chemistry:Towards Liquid Motion and Surface Bioconjugation

Jiahao Xia, Peng Zhao, Ke Zheng, Chenjie Lu, Shouchun Yin and Huaping Xu

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2019, 131, 552-556.

Surface modification is an important technique in fields, such as, self‐cleaning, surface patterning, sensing, and detection. The diselenide bond was shown to be a dynamic covalent bond that can undergo a diselenide metathesis reaction simply under visible light irradiation. Herein we develop this diselenide dynamic chemistry into a versatile surface modification method with a fast response and reversibility. The diselenide bond could be modified onto various substrates, such as, PDMS, quartz, and ITO conductive film glass. Different functional diselenide molecules could then be immobilized onto the surface via diselenide metathesis reaction. We demonstrated that by using this modification method we could achieve liquid motion in a capillary tube under light illumination. We also show that this approach has the potential to serve as an efficient modification method for surface bioconjugation, which has practical applications in clinical usage.

Xia JH Angew 2018