ROS-Responsive Tellurium-Containing Polymers

Shuojiong Pan, huaping Xu

Acta Polymerica Sinica2021, 52, 857.

Stimuli-responsive polymers are defined as polymers whose structure and properties can be changed in response to minor changes in the surrounding physical or chemical environment. In recent years, our research group pioneered in the research of ROS-responsive tellurium-containing polymers and their application in drug delivery. The work presented in this feature article, starting from the difference of oxidation responsiveness of tellurium and selenium, explored the ultra-sensitive ROS-response of tellurides. Then we studied the application of tellurium-containing polymers in drug delivery, focusing on the delivery of platinum drugs. For example, polymers with tellurium in the main chain can simultaneously deliver Cisplatin and indocyanine green to achieve a combination of cancer chemotherapy and photodynamic therapy, while side-chain tellurium/platinum containing polymer can realize a combination of cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In addition, the tellurium/platinum assembly can achieve controlled drug release through a dual response mechanism of ROS and coordination.